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What’s Been Happening In New Zealand?

Truckie sacked for sharing Stuff story with workmates

Truckie sacked for sharing Stuff story with workmates

A truck driver sacked after sharing a Stuff story in his work WhatsApp group has been awarded over $20,000 for unfair dismissal by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA). Just 20 minutes after truckie Gurjit Singh shared the link, his boss sacked...

Migrant Worker Exploiter, Bhumika Kohli is on the run

Bhumika Kohli, director of New Zealand Clean Master 2013 Ltd (NZCM), a cleaning company, whom both the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court have confirmed has exploited workers.  The Employment Relations Tribunal declares that Ms Kohli as...

Determination of Anil Verma

Last year, Anil Verma was broke, desperate and being threatened with deportation. He fought back against his employer, fibre installation company S-Net Technologies, taking a case to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA). Immigration NZ backed away from a threat to...

Exploitation By The Baron Brothers

Ms Kaur vs Pukhraj New Zealand Limited. Two years ago Ms Kaur approached Migrants Rights Network for her unpaid wages. The business owner liquidated the company and the matter went to the Employment Relations Authority. After many rounds of negotiations, both parties...