Bhumika Kohli, director of New Zealand Clean Master 2013 Ltd (NZCM), a cleaning company, whom both the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court have confirmed has exploited workers. 

The Employment Relations Tribunal declares that Ms Kohli as someone involved in a breach of employment standards under s142W of the Employment Relations Act 2000. Employees of NZCM, Palav Brahmbhatt, Menindee Singh, Hemant Dhamija and Hardik Gediya, sought findings from the Employment Relations Tribunal that NZCM had breached employment standards by not keeping proper records of their time, wage and holiday leave entitlements and for not properly paying their wages and holiday pay owed to them.

Basically, NZCM did not pay the minimum wage. They offered consumers set price cleaning at $69 for 3 hours of cleaning. This would involve 2 workers spending 3 hours at the job, which would generate a wage entitlement (using minimum wage of $15.2 from 1 April 2016) of $91.50 well in excess of the amount NZCM charged its customers.

The employees of NZCM won their case at Employment  Relations Tribunal and Bhumika Kohli appealed to the Employment Court. She was unsuccessful in the Employment Court.  She has been ordered to pay $134,332.25 for not properly paying minimum wage and holiday pay entitlements and for not keeping proper records as required by law. She  has also been ordered to pay over $17000 in costs by the Employment Court.

But now she is on the run. The employees are now suffering without getting what is owed to them. Please help us located the whereabouts of Bhumika Kohli. Please contact us with any information that would aid in locating her. We need to bring her to justice.