“Resham and Anmol are both Indian nationals who worked for a company called Innovative Kitchens and Joinery Limited.

The employees (Resham and Anmol) has worked for the company since October 2018 until 12 October 2019.

It has been over an year that both employees are trying to recover the unpaid hours and annual leave entitlements from the company. All together this company owed $10,000 to these two employees.

Both employees have tried to recover their unpaid wages and entitlements for more than an year and parties were unsuccessful. In the end Resham and Anmol both decided to approach Migrant Rights Network to assistance.

MRN strongly condemn this kind of behavior from the employers. MRN written to the company’s director to resolve the matter amicably unless face legal actions. The director agreed that there was some misunderstanding and there was an accounting error which has been rectified.

The company’s director gave assurance that both the employees has been paid immediately.